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I have the privilege of being the Executive Director of Riding Forward. I grew up racing motorcycles since I was 4 and in my 20s I transitioned to downhill mountain bike racing. One of the things I loved most about racing was meeting new people, traveling the country and learning from other racers who were better than me. I was able to hone in skills that allowed me to get faster and see the track differently. Back then there weren't many people in the sport but now the tables are turning and there's more interest in cycling, skateboarding and motorcycles. I'm stoked for this new found excitement and want be a part of teaching skills, building and revitalizing parks, providing mentorships and so much moreThank you to all who volunteer and donate to Riding Forward because you are creating a better future through wheeled sports


Contact Info

Dave Huff

Executive Director


Board Members

Trevor Gay - Chair

Benjamin Reece - Secretary/Treasurer

Sarah Baker

Steve Wilmhoff

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